Sensei A G Sanna, Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt) JKA 

As a Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt), Sensei A G Sanna is one of the UK’s Highest Graded/Qualified non-Japanese Instructors and runs his own WTKO affiliated clubs in Central London. He has also taught Karate to students at the prestigious City of London School since 1985.

Sensei started his karate training back in 1972 and quickly realized his desire to follow its path. He has trained with a long list of legendary Japanese instructors, including the late Sensei Enoeda, and for many years has returned to Tokyo annually to participate in a demanding, week-long Gasshuku (Senior Instructors Course).

Having been both competitor and coach, Sensei developed an interest in Refereeing that led to his appointment as Chief Referee; first for JKA (Japan Karate Association) England and now, the World Traditional Karate Organisation GB.

Other professional duties, arranged around his teaching schedule, include involvement in Gradings and Competitions. 

Many of Sensei Sanna’s insights, views and ideas have been published. And despite his busy schedule, he still trains regularly with senior students and fellow Instructors.   

With his natural ability, high degree of technical skill and deep knowledge and understanding of Karate, plus an inclusive and supportive teaching style (delivered with enthusiasm and good humour) Sensei Sanna is a popular Senior Instructor who commands great loyalty from every student who trains with him.


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"Karate is my career and my way of life. It’s what makes me a whole person. And even after 40-plus years of training, I’m still learning this endlessly challenging and rewarding art.

I get an enormous sense of fulfilment from passing on knowledge to my students while learning from them too. And I firmly believe Karate can make us better sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends, not just better people.

Karate is a martial art that also provides you with the ability to defend yourself in the street and the values you need to be a Good Citizen. 

That’s why I aim, through my training and teaching, to make society a better place."