A great Technical Seminar at Fukuoka/Sasori SKC in London

A great day at Fukuoka/Sasori SKC in London where a group of WTKO members and a few friends from other Karate Groups attended a Seminar by two senior WTKO instructors (Scott Langley and Angelo Sanna) who took turns teaching their audience a few ideas on how to make their Karate work by understanding Kihon (Basics). Langley Sensei made a point in emphasising Gyaku-Zuki and which body parts to engage to perform it correctly, followed by Kizami-Zuki and Mae-Geri, all done using the correct posture, and without losing form, while Sanna Sensei combined some basic techniques plus steps and made them into a sparring exercise followed by Kihon Kata (Taikyoku Shodan) with a difference by changing the usual techniques with other blocks and punching, this was followed by Heian-Nidan using only one arm, and then the other, then the Kata was repeated but starting moving to the right rather than to the left, and the latter was followed by some applications. All in all a really enjoyable and meaningful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Soon to be repeated (we hope)!