7th July special course with Sensei Sanna

On 8th July, sensei Sanna returned to Harlow Town for a karate Seminar following last year success with the SKE London group, lead by Rod Butler sensei (Butler sensei is the author of the best seller book about Keinosuke Enoeda sensei).Sanna sensei gave this Seminar a special flavour by making the students realise that what we practice (Shotokan karate) is not boring.

The basic techniques were revisited but in a way which engaged the karateka making them think about each technique individually and in a different light, as in why and how to perform them, changing their understanding of waza (techniques) and making them appreciate the latter even more.

The second class was even more challenging as Sanna sensei made them practice the bunkai (practical application of kata) with a partner making the performance reflect the mood of each and every move.

The course was well attended and a huge success.